24歳のITエンジニア兼フリーランスです。 プログラム経験は1年未満ですが、結構かけます。 言語は R o R、Javaがメインです。そのほかもいけます。 Webサービスの開発数え切れない。モバイルアプリの開発20個。 私が行なっている事業をみなさんに知っていただきたいです!

Difference between GoogleMap and EyeMap

I will explain the specific business contents of EyeMap in comparison with GoogleMap.

The business content of GoogleMap is due to prejudice as one user.


the purpose



To provide information such as facilities that users can enjoy based on their current location (the place where you are "now")



Provide the user with the shortest route based on the current location and the destination.




Business contents




Walking ~ Train


point of view

Bird's-eye view



· Real-time traffic information

· Navigate always one step ahead

· Change route according to circumstances

· Refer to the word of mouth

· Peep into the store

· To the journey of the universe

· Go to cities around the world

· Look at the exhibits around the world





Walking ~ car


point of view



· Use video

· Indoor navigation (main stations, airports, etc.)

· Categorize information near the current location and provide it to users

· Data accumulation (the same place one year ago can be compared)

· Display user's postings in real time using GPS

(It seems to be live here! I'm doing a demo here!)




GoogleMap is very convenient when the destination is fixed,

I find it hard to find a destination, so I think that you can find value in providing information on what kind of facilities are near your place.



In addition, it is possible to convey the presence feeling by providing information to the user in a horizontal viewpoint rather than an overhead view.




When actually making a business, I will gradually attack from a niche and gradually build up to the final destination.