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About vision of EyeMap

I will talk about the vision of EyeMap.

Regarding this matter, it is easy to understand speaking while comparing it with God of efficiency while fearing, so please appear.



What you want to realize

What I want to realize is a guide for enjoying everyday life.


Time flows, the four seasons go round. People grow old and the city changes with the times.

That is where it is the first and last.


I got up at 7 o'clock and took breakfast and left home.

I walk to the station, head for the company on a train.

Lunch will be done near the office, and we will go around the afternoon.

I leave the train and leave home.

Complete dinner and go to the floor at 12 o'clock.


The city constantly changes in such everyday life,

Something is happening near you.



Knowing what is happening in the vicinity of me, knowing something, I think that we can add more color to our daily lives.



"Guide to enjoy now"


This is what I want to realize.







What is "Guide"?

(Name) Sul

① To show you. Also, that person. "Tourism -" "Climbing -"

② People who guide foreign tourists as interpreters.

③ Bus - Abbreviation for guide.

④ Guidance.

⑤ Guidelines. A landmark ring.



I want to realize the "guide"

It is to find everyday enjoyment.



On the other hand, although the appearance of God is here,

The "guide" in Google Map is to present the shortest route to the destination to the user.



I think that the difference between the two is clear by how we perceive infrastructure, public institutions and facilities.



While the former recognizes that it is enjoyable (watching, playing, listening), the latter recognizes that it is used up to the destination or is an existing object.



A lot of charm is scattered in the city, it is buried and occurs.

We will offer that momentary opportunity.